I'm an associate editor at IEEE Spectrum, where I edit expert-authored features for the magazine and write about semiconductors, physics, and space.

You can reach me at rcourtland /-at-/ nasw.org and find me on Twitter at @rcourt.

Selected Stories

IEEE Spectrum

What's Next for the Kepler Planet Hunter
Laser Fusion's Brightest Hope
Intel's Xeon Phi Processor + the Future of Supercomputing
Graphene Gets Some Competition
EUV Chipmaking Inches Forward
Does Antimatter Fall Up?
Gaia's Mission to Map the Milky Way
The Kilogram, Reinvented
The Battle Between ARM and Intel Gets Real
Single Blue Planet Seeks Same
3-D Chips Grow Up
Transistor Made to Run on Protons
Armored Spacecraft Sets Course for Jupiter
Superconductor Logic Goes Low-Power
EUV Light Makers Playing Catch-Up
The Origins of Intel's New Transistor, and Its Future
Superconductivity Celebrates 100 Years


Before joining IEEE Spectrum, I reported on quantum computing, galactic cannibalism, general relativity, lunar lava tubes, and a number of other topics in physics and astronomy for New Scientist out of its Boston office. A full list of my New Scientist stories can be found here.