Rachel Courtland

I’m a journalist, editor, and occasional panel moderator based in New York City. I currently work at Nature as a locum editor of physical sciences features. If you’re a freelance reporter and have a feature idea, you can drop me a line at rachel.courtland /-at-/ us.nature.com

Before joining Nature in 2017, I spent six years as an editor at the technology magazine IEEE Spectrum, where I thought long and hard about the future of transistors — the tiny switches that drive our computers, smartphones, and myriad other electronics. While there, I led two special reports: one on Moore’s Law and the other on brain-inspired computing.

For non-Nature business, I can be found at rcourtland /-at-/ nasw.org. If your timing is just right, you may catch me tweeting, as @rcourt. I’ve included more information on my background on LinkedIn, here.

Selected IEEE Spectrum Stories

The Hunt for the Invisible Axion
Leap Second Heads into Fierce Debate
Massive News: Kilogram Redefinition Heads Into Crucial Test
China’s 2,000-km Quantum Link Is Almost Complete
Leading Chipmakers Eye EUV Lithography to Save Moore’s Law
Google Plans to Demonstrate the Supremacy of Quantum Computing

Prior Work

Before moving to New York to join IEEE Spectrum, I spent a few slightly chillier years reporting on quantum computing, galactic cannibalism, general relativity, lunar lava tubes, and a number of other topics in physics and astronomy for New Scientist out of its Boston office.